ABX-[18F]Choline Reagent Kit for GE TRACERlab MX Synthesizer

for the synthesis of [18F]Fluorocholine

For use by qualified personnel only. Intended for manufacture of radiopharmaceutical preparations.

Sonderprodukte bioburden tested (In-house Standard)

Molar Mass:

Storage and Stability
12 month.

Toxicology, Safety, Hazards
Handle, transport and store with care – avoid inhalation, ingestion, eye or skin contact. Wear suitable protective clothing.

This document does not exempt you from performing the standard control upon receipt of incoming goods !

This product has been manufactured according to the regulations applicable at the site of manufacture. It is a chemical with defined specifications as declared in the certificate of analysis – which deems suitable as a starting material for the synthesis of drugs or diagnostics depending on the validated processes used for manufacture thereof.

The quality of a potential final pharmaceutical product has to be checked by the producer, the quality of the product is only partially determined by the quality of the ingredients.

The substance is not intended and not suitable to be used directly and/or unprocessed in humans.

The customer has to ensure himself that he is in compliance with all applicable legal requirements from all competent authorities for the site of use.

In particular it is emphasized that drugs/diagnostics/radiopharmaceuticals that are not registered/approved by the competent authorities might only be used in tight circumstances e.g. for research purposes depending on the locally applicable legislation for the site of use.

Order number / Unit
  • K-623TM (Stück)
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