ABX-NaF Reagents Kit for GE TRACERlab MX Synthesizer

Manufactured according to In-house Standards. Tested for sterility and bacterial endotoxins. Pharmaceutical Grade Quality.

Molar Mass:

For use by qualified personnel only. Intended for manufacture of radiopharmaceutical preparations.


  • All kit components are packaged ready for use and are labeled and color coded

Storage and Stability
24 month.

Toxicology, Safety, Hazards
Handle, transport and store with care – avoid inhalation, ingestion, eye or skin contact. Wear suitable protective clothing.

Order number / Unit
  • K-6550TM (Stück)
Separately packaged and released:
  • ABX-NaF Hardware Kit for GE TRACERlab MX Synthesizer for the Synthesis of [18F]-NaF(K-6640TM) MORE DETAILS