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ABX  advanced biochemical compounds   

Product Order number / Unit

2900 FAU 2900.0010: 10 mg per vial
Please inquire for customized filling and bulk quantities.

Reference standard for 2′-[18F]FAU
Precursor for [124I]FIAU, [125I]FIAU
Molar Mass: 246.19
Colourless solid packaged in dark glass screw cap vials.
Purity: > 95 %
CoA; 1H and 19F NMR spectra
Chemical Name:
CA index name: 2,4(1H,3H)-Pyrimidinedione, 1-(2-deoxy-2-fluoro-β-D-arabinofuranosyl)
2′-Fluoro-2′-deoxyuracyl-β-D-arabinofuranoside; 1-(2-Deoxy-2-fluoro-β-D-arabinofuranosyl)uracil
Sterzycki R.Z. et al. Synthesis and Anti-HIV Activity of Several 2′-Fluoro-Containing Pyrimidine Nucleosides. J. Med. Chem. 1990, 33, 2150-2157.
Hughes J. A. et al. Preparation of [11C]Thymidine and [11C]2′-Arabino-2′-Fluoro-beta-5-Methyl-Uridine (FMAU) Using a Hollow Fiber Membran Bioreactor System. J. Labelled Compd. Radiopharm. 1995, 36, 1133-1145.
Conti P. S. et al. Synthesis of 2′-Fluoro-5-[11C]Methyl-1-beta-D-Arabinofuranosyluracyl ([11C]FMAU): A Potential Nucleoside Analog for In Vivo Study of Cellular Proliferation with PET. Nucl. Med. Biol. 1995, 22, 783-789.
date of product catalogue issue: 10 May 2017


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