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ABX  advanced biochemical compounds   

Product Order number / Unit

7160 MDP 7160.1000: 1 g per vial
Please inquire for customized filling and bulk quantities.

Ligand for labelling with 99mTc
Molar Mass: 176.00
Colourless solid packaged in dark glass screw cap vials.
Purity: > 95 %
CoA; 1H and 31P NMR spectra
Chemical Name:
CA index name: Phosphonic acid, methylenebis
Phosphonic acid, methylenedi-; Medronic acid; Methanebisphosphonic acid; Methanediphosphonic acid; Methylene-1,1-bisphosphonic acid; Methylenebis[phosphonic acid]; Methylenediphosphonic acid; Methylene diphosphonate
Subramanian G. et al. Technetium-99m-methylene diphosphonate - a superior agent for skeletal imaging: comparison with other technetium complexes. J. Nucl. Med. 1975, 16, 744-755.
Blake G.M. et al. Quantitative Studies of Bone in Postmenopausal Women Using 18F-Fluoride and 99mTc-Methylene Diphosphonate J. Nucl. Med. 2002, 43, 338-345.
Moore A.E.B. et al. Validation of Ultrafiltration as a Method of Measuring Free 99mTc-MDP. J. Nucl. Med. 2003, 44, 891-897.
Moore A.E.B. et al. Validation of a Blood-Sampling Method for the Measurement of 99mTc-Methylene Diphosphonate Skeletal Plasma Clearance. J. Nucl. Med. 2006, 47, 581-586.
date of product catalogue issue: 10 May 2017


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