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Orders and Inquiries

ABX accepts orders and inquiries by phone, fax, e-mail or mail. Please do not hesitate to ask for an individual quotation.

Please contact:

ABX advanced biochemical compounds GmbH
Heinrich-Glaeser-Strasse 10-14
D-01454 Radeberg

Phone: +49 3528 4041 60
Fax:     +49 3528 4041 65
Email:   info@abx.de
or         s a l e s @ a b x . d e

If the product is in stock we will deliver within maximum one week. Common PET chemicals as mannose triflate, precursors for FLT, F-DOPA, PK11195, F-MISO and FES as well as MIBG and LiAlH4 are always in stock.

ABX uses parcel express service for shipment
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