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Orders from the USA

ABX advanced biochemical compounds supplies more than 140 PET centers all over the United States of America so far. We are well experienced in shipping our goods to the US and Canada.

Emergency Stock in the USA:

ABX keeps an emergency stock of Mannose Triflate, Cryptand 222 and Kits for the GE TRACERlab MX and FX module in South Bend, Indiana. We can deliver to every place in the US within 24 hours in case you inform us early in the morning. Otherwise shipments may take up to 48 hours. US phone no. of ABX: (574) 271-3521


In general customs duties are not included in our prices. However, for US customers we offer the following service: ABX pays customs duty and fees, on the other hand we will charge you additional 4 % of the value of the chemicals or kits on our invoice. So you will not be confronted with cheque or cash payment which the transport companies demand usually for customs duties. This handling makes customs clearance much easier and even faster.

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