Quality Control


We offer:

  • modern laboratories
  • sophisticated, qualified analytical instruments
  • a team of highly trained staff
  • analyses specifically designed to your project needs
  • product specific development and validation of analytical procedures
  • chemistry and microbiology testing services

In compliance with pharmacopoeial/compendial requirements, we offer a wide range of physical and physicochemical methods as well as biological tests:

  • high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • gas chromatography (GC)
  • ion chromatography (IC)
  • potentiometric titration
  • Water micro determination (Karl-Fischer titration)
  • conductivity
  • potentiometric determination of pH
  • nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry (NMR)
  • optical rotation
  • infrared spectrophotometry (FTIR)
  • thermal analysis (TG / DSC)
  • melting point
  • bacterial endotoxins (LAL)
  • sterility testing
  • testing on bioburden
  • and any more

We support you in developing studies that meet your requirements and satisfy the regulatory authorities.