You have developed a tracer-we take care of the rest. Don't bother with the design and the development of a robust and effective cassette. We happily take over this tricky task: Our experts have decade-long experience in the optimal creation, configuration and production of tracer kits and cassettes. This ensures best results-for you and your patients.

  • Optimisation of the synthesis process
  • Design and development of kits and cassettes for all common tracer modules
  • Hand-tailored or serial production of tracer kits and cassettes
  • Highest pharmaceutical standards, e.g. European Pharmacopoeia, USP, JP, GP
  • Optionally GMP compliant

Radiochemistry Research

Hot Labs euipped with a 9.6 MeV Cyclotron, 10 Hotcells and a very extensive QC only for research
and development. Daily handling of F-18, C-11, Ga-68, Lu-177 and Y-90.

  • Process development for new tracers
  • Optimisation of new tracers e.g. new protecting groups and leaving groups
  • New labelling strategies
  • Improvement of the purification process e.g. cartridge optimisation
  • Formulation and performance of stability studies

Radiopharmaceutical Production

We offer Custom Manufacturing of radiotracers in a GMP complaint environment with a variety of
different modules and an automated aseptic filling system.

  • In-house sterile testing of the radioactive tracer
  • Complete GMP documentation and support for the IMPD