Molecule of the month - [¹⁸F]FET precursor

Welcome to our next molecule of the month 2024 - [¹⁸F]FET precursor
[18F]FET is a radiolabelled amino acid that is used as PET radiopharmaceutical in neuro-oncology. It has been demonstrated to be useful in the differential diagnosis between brain tumours and non-neoplastic lesions and between low-grade and high-grade gliomas. Although amino acid PET is currently included in U.S. and European guidelines for the imaging of gliomas, no approved PET tracer for brain cancer imaging is available. The FDA recently granted fast track designation for glioma imaging using [18F]FET.

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3051 - [¹⁸F]FET precursor (GMP)
3050 - [¹⁸F]FET precursor (research grade)