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Cryptand 222

Phase transfer catalysts for the synthesis of radiopharmaceutical preparations

2,2,2-Cryptand, 2,2,2-Cryptate, Cryptand 2.2.2, Cryptate 222, Cryptating agent 222, Cryptofix 222, Kryptand 222, Kryptofix 222



GMP Product


Molar mass 376.49 g/mol

CAS RN 23978-09-8

  • Cryptand 222 is an aminopolyether employed to dissolve potassium salts. The formed aminoether potassium complex is used as phase transfer catalyst in nucleophilic ¹⁸F-labelling of radiotracers.
  • Colourless crystals. Soluble in acetonitrile, chloroform, water
  • Melting point 68-72 °C
  • Fillings < 100 mg are available in 2 ml dark glass vials, packed under Ar gas flow. Vials are sealed with teflon-faced rubber stoppers and tear-off crimp caps.
  • Fillings ≥ 100 mg are available in dark glass screw cap vials, flushed with Ar gas flow.


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