Our commitment to excellence

Quality System

At ABX, we provide a range of high-quality products to meet the diverse needs of our customers, from research-grade materials to finished radiopharmaceutical products. To ensure that all products satisfy the various customer requirements, we offer different quality levels. For each level we meet different criteria.

Our quality management system is designed to ensure safe and reliable products of the required uniform quality for all GMP products. Our quality departments work closely with other departments such as manufacturing departments and sales. All processes from purchase of raw materials, incoming goods control, production and quality control to release, storage, and distribution are covered by our quality system.

The principles of the Quality Management are executed during the entire life-cycle of relevant products. We are committed to complying with the requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP), ICH guidelines, and pharmacopoeia/compendial regulations, as applicable.

Improvement of Quality Processes

ABX works proactively to continuously improve the quality of our products and compliance with regulations and standard practices in the pharmaceutical industry through preventive actions. We conduct regular internal audits to monitor results and maintain the highest level of quality in all departments.


At ABX, we take customer satisfaction seriously and strive to deliver products of the highest quality. However, if you experience any issues with our products, we have established detailed procedures to manage complaints. Our complaints management system covers the entire GMP product portfolio. 

If you have a quality issue with one of our products, please contact us at qs-complaints@abx.de. Each complaint received is thoroughly investigated by relevant departments, and the customer is informed about the results of the investigation.