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FPG precursor

[18F]FPG is a novel 18F-prosthetic group that can be used to conjugate biomolecules under mild conditions.[1] After 18F-labelling and oxidation of the FPG precursor, the resulting 4-[18F]fluorophenylglyoxal can be selectively coupled with the guanidinium moiety of arginine residues of peptides and proteins. This new bioconjugation reagent offers an efficient access to new protein-based PET radiopharmaceuticals. 

[1] Sadasivam P. et al. Arginine-Selective Bioconjugation Reagent for Effective 18F‑labeling of Native Proteins. J. Med. Chem. 2024, 67, 5064–5074.

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Why choose ABX? 

ABX advanced biochemical compounds is a global frontrunner in radiopharmaceuticals, with a focus on positron emission tomography (PET) tracers. We develop and produce all compounds and components for any kind of radiotracer – from PET and SPECT precursors, PET reagent kits and cassettes, to complete radiopharmaceutical drug production in GMP environment.

Based in Radeberg, Germany, and founded in 1997, our team of more than 350 employees is specialised in custom synthesis and manufacturing of precursors and peptides according to GMP for active pharmaceutical ingredients. Thanks to our expertise combined with bleeding edge equipment, we reach highest research, production, and quality standards.

ABX is the only service provider of radiopharmaceutical production with a complete and independent supply chain – from precursor or peptide to excipients and sterile disposables. 

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