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PSMA-11 (reference standard)

Reference standard for PSMA-11 (GMP) (PSMA: prostate-specific membrane antigen)

PSMAHBED; Glu-CO-Lys(Ahx)-HBED-CC; Glu-NH-CO-NH-Lys(Ahx)-HBED-CC; 2-[3-(1-Carboxy-5-{6-[3-(3-{[(2-{[5-(2-carboxy-ethyl)-2-hydroxy-benzyl]-carboxymethyl-amino}-ethyl)-carboxymethyl-amino]-methyl}-4-hydroxy-phenyl)-propionylamino]-hexanoylamino}-

CA index name: 4,6,12,19-Tetraazadocosane-1,3,7-tricarboxylic acid, 22-[3-[[[2-[[[5-(2-carboxyethyl)-2-hydroxyphenyl]methyl](carboxymethyl)amino]ethyl](carboxymethyl)amino]methyl]-4-hydroxyphenyl]-5,13,20-trioxo-, (3S,7S)-, supplied as trifluoroacetate salt


Research Chemical


Molar mass 947.0 (net peptide)

CAS RN [1366302-52-4]

Purity ≥ 97 %

  • Colorless to off-white solid


CoA: appearance, ESI-MS and NMR (identity), HPLC (purity), GC (residual solvents)


Eder M. et al. Novel Preclinical and Radiopharmaceutical Aspects of [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-HBED-CC: A New PET Tracer for Imaging of Prostate Cancer. Pharmaceuticals. 2014, 7, 779–796.

Eder M. et al. 68Ga-Complex Lipophilicity and the Targeting Property of a Urea-Based PSMA Inhibitor for PET Imaging. Bioconjugate Chem.2012, 23, 688–697.

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