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Precursor for 2-[¹²³I]Iodo-L-tyrosine

Propionic acid, 2-amino-3-(4-hydroxy-2-iodo-phenyl), (2S); L-2-Iodo-p-tyrosine; 2-IT

CA index name: L-Tyrosine, 2-iodo-


Research Chemical


Molar mass 307.09

CAS RN [78853-38-0]

Purity ≥ 95 % (HPLC)

  • Off-white solid


CoA: appearance, ¹H NMR spectrum


Mertens J. et al. Radioiodo-D-2-I-Phenylalanine a New Tumor Specific Tracer for Diagnosis and Systemic Radionuclide Therapy. Eur. J. Nucl. Med. 2004, 31, S220, 68.

Lahoutte T. et al. Comparative Biodistribution of Iodinated Amino Acids in Rats: Selection of the Optimal Analog for Oncologic Imaging Outside the Brain J. Nucl. Med. 2003, 44, 1489–1494.

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