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ABX is a young, fast-growing chemical and pharmaceutical company based in Saxony, Germany. We are the global market leader in the production of precursors and kits for PET diagnostics. These are mainly used in the detection of tumours by positron emission tomography (PET).ABX currently employs around 400 people. Due to our strong market position we have a continuous profitable growth. Since 2007 we have been part of a large Japanese pharmaceutical group.We are happy to offer you the opportunity to complete an internship. Whether as part of your studies, school or training, please send us your application documents (cover letter, CV) by email in pdf format with information on the area of work and the duration of the placement.If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Conny Kobus.


ABX advanced biochemical compounds -
Biomedizinische Forschungsreagenzien GmbH
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