Molecule of the month - FPG precursor

Welcome to our next molecule of the month 2024 - FPG precursor
[18F]FPG is a novel 18F-prosthetic group that can be used to conjugate biomolecules under mild conditions.[1] After 18F-labelling and oxidation of the FPG precursor, the resulting 4-[18F]fluorophenylglyoxal can be selectively coupled with the guanidinium moiety of arginine residues of peptides and proteins. This new bioconjugation reagent offers an efficient access to new protein-based PET radiopharmaceuticals.

[1] Sadasivam P. et al. Arginine-Selective Bioconjugation Reagent for Effective 18F‑labeling of Native Proteins. J. Med. Chem. 2024, 67, 5064–5074.

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4373 - FPG precursor