Molecule of the month - DFO* derivatives

Welcome to our second molecule of the month 2024 - DFO* derivatives
The matching half-life time of Zirconium-89 and the circulation time of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are most convenient for bioimaging. Our broad portfolio of bifunctional DFO star (DFO*) chelators allow conjugation with mAbs in several ways. The formed ⁸⁹Zr-immunoconjugates show superior complex stabilities which lead to a significantly decreased accumulation of free Zirconium-89 in bone compared to other chelators. The reduced Zirconium-89 bone uptake minimizes undesirable radiation to the bone marrow.

You can find our DFO* derivatives here: 

7271 - DFO* 
7272 - DFO*-NCS
7273 - DFO*-Mal 
7274 - DFO*-Sq